Faster reactive maintenance I Service Requests & Quotes

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Updated on Dec 22, 2023

Streamline Your Reactive Maintenance Process with Facilio's Connected CMMS

Is your reactive maintenance process causing turnaround delays and risking client dissatisfaction? Unlike a rigid legacy CMMS solution, Facilio's Connected CMMS offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. With dedicated portals for your stakeholders, end-to-end automation and tracking for work orders, and customizable processes, Facilio's Connected CMMS makes it easier for your team to adopt and saves them hours of effort every day.

Dedicated Client Portal

Within Facilio's dedicated client portal, the FM service provider can list and organize their service catalog. Clients and tenants will be able to pick the service they need and raise service requests directly from the portal.

Efficient Workflow

  1. Service Request Evaluation: Once a service request is raised, the FM supervisor will receive a notification asking them to evaluate the request.
  2. Work Order Creation: Once approved, the service request is converted into a work order and assigned to a technician.
  3. SLA Management: SLAs around response and resolution times for each type of maintenance activity can be set up using a straightforward template. Separate SLAs can be set up for hard and soft reactive maintenance services. Once published, this SLA will be automatically mapped to relevant work orders. Lapses will be auto-escalated based on the defined conditions, avoiding compliance risk and client dissatisfaction.
  4. Quote Generation: Quotes can be generated from the work order and sent for tenant approval. Once the quote is approved, the supervisor can assign the work order to a technician.
  5. Additional Expenses: Any additional expense incurred during work can be added within the work order and sent as an additional quote to the client.

Mobile App for Technicians

Facilio's mobile app provides technicians with easy access to their assigned work orders and related information. They can also request inventory from the storeroom and track it within the work order for optimized visibility.

Efficient Work Progress

If a technician faces a roadblock, such as the non-availability of a critical tool or access to the site, they can pause the work order until the situation is resolved. They can also mark the reasons for pausing work and add a comment tagging the right stakeholder to expedite resolution. Work can be resumed once the issue is resolved.

Review and Feedback

Once the technician finishes work, they can resolve the work order. The tenant will then receive a notification to review the work. If the tenant is unsatisfied, they can reopen the work order for resolution. If the tenant finds the work satisfactory, they can resolve the work order and provide feedback. The work order will then be marked as closed, and both the tenant and the technician will receive notifications about the same.

Facilio's Connected CMMS helps you streamline your reactive maintenance process with dedicated portals for your stakeholders, end-to-end automation and tracking for work orders, and customizable processes that fit your organization perfectly. Say goodbye to turnaround delays and client dissatisfaction with Facilio's Connected CMMS.