Integrated inventory management

02:24 mins


Updated on Dec 22, 2023

Automate Inventory Tracking with Facilio's Connected CMMS

Are you facing challenges with siloed inventory tracking that is blocking your financial visibility? Facilio's connected CMMS can help you overcome this issue and streamline your inventory management process. With our solution, you can automate inventory tracking across your operations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory data.

Centralize Inventory Management

Most operations teams keep their inventory data in siloed solutions outside of their CMMS, leading to fragmented maintenance cost tracking. With Facilio's connected CMMS, you can bring all your inventory management to one place. You can maintain a record of inventory across your sites and storerooms, ensuring easy access and visibility for all stakeholders.

Simplify Inventory Tracking

Facilio's connected CMMS offers simple flows to record inventory movement, making it easy for your stakeholders to track and manage inventory. You can bulk upload inventory records during implementation, add new items, or restock existing ones using a simple template post-deployment. This simplifies the inventory tracking process and ensures accuracy.

Track Inventory Movement

With Facilio's connected CMMS, you can track the movement of your spares and replacements to and from the storeroom while your asset is under maintenance. Each item in the inventory will have a comprehensive record of the work orders in which it was used. This helps you track the quantity of items used against the quantity stocked, avoiding shrinkage.

Set Minimum Stock Quantities

The admin can set minimum stock quantities for each item type in the inventory. When the stock is below the minimum quantity, procurement managers will receive a notification to restock the item. This ensures that no work orders are delayed due to the unavailability of inventory, improving turnaround times and client satisfaction.

Optimal Visibility into Work Order Costs

When a vendor technician takes up a work order, they can raise an inventory request for the items they need from within the work order. This gives optimal visibility into each work order's cost details in the same place. The storeroom manager will receive a notification to review the requirement and reserve the items for the work order, ensuring their availability for the technician.

Efficient Usage Tracking

Facilio's connected CMMS allows for efficient usage tracking of inventory. In-house technicians can issue items from the inventory in bulk for multiple maintenance activities at a site during a day. The technician can record the usage of items for each work order under Work Order Actuals. At the end of the day, the technician can return unused items and tools to the storeroom, and the storeroom manager can record the return of items in the system.

With Facilio's connected CMMS, you can automate inventory tracking across your operations, keep your stakeholders accountable with simple templates to record inventory movement, and avoid cost oversight around your maintenance activities. Streamline your inventory management process and gain better financial visibility with Facilio.