Operational visibility for maintenance

01:38 mins


Updated on Jan 16, 2024

Real-Time Visibility into Portfolio Performance with Facilio

Facilio offers intuitive maintenance dashboards that provide real-time operational visibility for internal and external stakeholders across your portfolio. This enables smoother decision making and improved efficiency.

Customized Dashboards for Different Stakeholders

Each stakeholder, whether internal or external, has their own customized dashboard based on their scope or role. This ensures that they have access to the specific data they need to analyze at a glance. Stakeholders can view their dashboard on their home page and configure it to include the relevant data for their role.

Bird's-Eye View of KPIs and Metrics

Facilio's dashboards provide a bird's-eye view of curated key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are relevant to each stakeholder's role. As soon as they log into Facilio, they can see the data that matters most to them. For example, the head of operations can dive into tenant satisfaction, total maintenance cost incurred in the quarter, or contractor performance across the portfolio.

Supervisors can access an overview of day-to-day maintenance, such as work orders by status, overdue work orders by technician, or average response time for priority work orders. Facilities management services can analyze SLA adherence, client satisfaction, or trends in the inflow of work orders.

Real-Time Reports and Raw Data

Unlike traditional tools and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), Facilio's dashboards sit directly on top of real-time reports from maintenance activities across your portfolio. Stakeholders can click on any graph on the dashboard to dive into the raw data behind these reports. They can also filter the data by site or building to take a closer look.

Easy Dashboard Management

Facilio's simple dashboard manager allows you to add new dashboards or clone and edit existing ones. You can download and share your dashboard with others on your team. During meetings, you can cast the dashboard to a TV screen, bringing all stakeholders on the same page to optimize building operations.

Real-Time Information at Your Fingertips

Facilio's dashboards function within your connected CMMS, providing you with real-time information at the click of a button. Unlike legacy CMMS dashboards that rely on manual data input, Facilio's dashboards offer instant access to the information you need for effective portfolio management.