PPM Overview

02:22 mins


Updated on Dec 22, 2023

Running Planned Maintenance on Autopilot with Facilio

Handling large-scale planned maintenance can be overwhelming, especially when relying on manual scheduling and siloed communication. Traditional CMMS systems can complicate the automation of planned maintenance, making it difficult for teams to adopt and resulting in a return to manual processes. Facilio offers a solution that simplifies the process, allowing you to set up planned maintenance activities for multiple assets or spaces in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Configure Planned Maintenance

Within Facilio's connected CMMS, you can easily configure planned maintenance activities. A summary of the planned maintenance captures important information such as priority, duration, and the assigned team. Work orders can be triggered based on a specified frequency or scheduled time. If you need the planned maintenance to run only during specific months of the year, seasonal triggers can be set as well.

Step 2: Add Assets and Assign Technicians

The system will auto-populate a list of eligible assets based on the asset category or space. You can then add these assets to the planned maintenance. The system will also provide a list of vendors and technicians eligible for the assets' maintenance. You can assign the planned maintenance to a user from the list. Additionally, the system will scope a list of job plans for the selected asset. These job plans are checklists of tasks and procedures that technicians are required to complete during the planned maintenance work order. You can also mandate adding photographs for specific tasks or other verification requirements, making it easier for supervisors to review the work based on the provided details.

Step 3: Ensure Safety and Set SLAs

The safety plan associated with each task within the planned maintenance will be automatically mapped to the work order. Safety plans provide comprehensive guidelines, hazards, and precautions for technicians to avoid risks during work. With automated mapping, manual oversight is eliminated, and necessary safety guidelines are provided for every work order in the system. Additionally, you can set up SLAs (Service Level Agreements) around response and resolution times for the planned maintenance. Once published, these SLAs will be automatically mapped to relevant work orders, and any lapses will be auto-escalated based on defined conditions. Relevant stakeholders, such as supervisors, will be notified of breaches, mitigating compliance risk and ensuring proper maintenance of assets across the portfolio.

End-to-End Visibility and Mobile App Integration

Once your planned maintenance is published, work orders will be created according to the scheduled maintenance. You can easily navigate to the list of associated work orders from the planned maintenance itself, providing you with end-to-end visibility on every work order undertaken or missed for the asset. The planned maintenance scheduler shows when each asset associated with the planned maintenance is due for maintenance. This scheduler can also be viewed in the staff view, giving your admin the flexibility to assign, reassign, or reschedule the planned maintenance activity based on resource availability and other scenarios on the ground. With Facilio's mobile app, technicians can complete the tasks assigned under the planned maintenance and resolve them. Supervisors can then review and close the work orders, ensuring efficient and streamlined maintenance processes.