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Updated on Dec 22, 2023

Facilio's Connected CMMS: Streamlining Planned Maintenance Scheduling

Planned maintenance scheduling can be a time-consuming and manual process, especially when dealing with multiple assets or spaces. Facilio's connected CMMS offers three key features that automate and streamline your maintenance processes, saving you time and effort.

1. Task Mapping

With Facilio, you can easily map tasks to your work orders without the need for manual typing. During PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) configuration, the system automatically populates a list of job plans based on the asset category or space covered in your PPM. These job plans consist of checklists of tasks and procedures that technicians must complete when handling a PPM work order. This eliminates the need for repetitive typing and ensures consistency across multiple planned maintenance tasks for a specific asset category.

2. Photographs and Verification

Facilio allows you to mandate the addition of photographs or other forms of verification for specific tasks during work. This feature makes it easier for supervisors to review the work based on the provided details. By including visual evidence or documentation, you can enhance the accuracy and transparency of your maintenance processes.

3. Safety Plans

Each task within a PPM is associated with a safety plan in Facilio's connected CMMS. Safety plans consist of comprehensive guidelines, hazards, and precautions that technicians must follow to avoid risks during work. These safety plans are automatically mapped to the PPM work order, ensuring that technicians have access to the necessary safety information while performing maintenance tasks.

PPM Scheduler

Facilio's connected CMMS includes a PPM scheduler that displays the maintenance due dates for each asset associated with a PPM. This scheduler provides your administrators with a clear view of upcoming maintenance activities. It also offers the flexibility to assign, reassign, or reschedule PPM tasks based on resource availability and other on-ground scenarios. This ensures efficient resource allocation and optimal maintenance planning.

Facilio's connected CMMS empowers you to fast-track your planned maintenance at scale. With features like quick PPM creation, auto-mapped job and safety plans, and customizable workflows, you can streamline your maintenance processes and improve overall efficiency.