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Updated on Dec 22, 2023

Facilio's Connected CMMS: Comprehensive Maintenance Management

Whether you are a property owner, manager, or facilities management service provider, Facilio's Connected CMMS offers a solution to streamline your maintenance operations. Say goodbye to rigid processes and siloed stakeholders with this all-in-one platform.

Operational Visibility for Every Stakeholder

With Facilio's Connected CMMS, you can tap into operational visibility for every stakeholder across your portfolio. Set up role-based dashboards with curated metrics for your internal and external teams. These dashboards provide real-time reports from your day-to-day operations, giving you the true visibility you need to make quick, data-backed decisions.

Streamline Reactive Maintenance Processes

Eliminate turnaround delays by streamlining your reactive maintenance processes. Use custom workflows to replicate your processes and encourage wider adoption in your team. Set up a service catalog to display your services in the dedicated tenant portal, helping your tenants choose the right service for their needs. Customize notifications, service level agreements, and automate escalations to different stakeholders to ensure timely resolution for service requests. Send quotes, get approvals, and collect feedback all in one place.

Schedule and Run Planned Maintenance Activities

Schedule and run planned maintenance activities across your portfolio with ease. Set up your PPM process in just three steps. Map routine tasks to each PPM faster with job plans. Easily reassign technicians or reschedule PPM based on technician availability.

Integrated Inventory Management

Break free from siloed inventory records and reduce shrinkage with integrated inventory management for maintenance. Track inventory requests and costs within each work order. Reserve and issue items directly to specific maintenance activities. Keep track of spares and replacements while your asset is under maintenance.

Cost Control and Financial Transparency

Improve cost control and financial transparency in maintenance operations with maintenance budgets. Streamline tracking of financial transactions linked to maintenance work orders. Create budgets for different types of maintenance activities within your connected CMMS. Automate mapping of each income and expense to your chart of accounts. Track financial transactions from work orders against these budgets and benchmark for overspends. Set up notifications for overspending and analyze the budget at a glance with the help of a dashboard.

With Facilio's Connected CMMS, you can effectively manage your stakeholders, define your processes, and integrate with your existing systems for comprehensive maintenance management all in one place.